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  1. Replace unsuitable soils, materials that can not support road conditions
  2. Lightweight fill over utilities such as water, sewer, gas & electric lines
  3. Lightweight fill that will reduce or eliminate long term settlement
  4. Soil substitution that will reduce or eliminate side slope movement


  1. Reduces the lateral forces that standard earth fill puts upon vertical walls
  2. Absorbs the potential movement of backfill from frost heaving
  3. Disperses the overall weight of the structure in building construction
  4. Lightweight support under concrete pads for utilities (transformer pads, etc.)


  1. Frost protection over water and sewer distribution lines
  2. Settlement protection under water and sewer distribution lines


  • Veteran’s Administration Hospital, support alongside foundation walls
  • Airport Taxiway, replace unsuitable soil conditions
  • Airport below ground transportation, lightweight fill over tunnel
  • Various road construction projects, replacing unsuitable soils
  • Road construction over water supply line, lightweight fill over water pipe
  • Bridge approach projects, reduce lateral pressures & replace unsuitable soils
  • Mausoleum Construction, lightweight fill within concrete structures
  • Commercial construction over landfill, reduce weight distribution
  • School swimming pool, filling in and capping with lightweight fill
  • Sub-grade building, filling in and capping with lightweight fill
  • Electric sub-station, insulation support under concrete pads
  • Bridge construction, foam fill within concrete bridge beams
  • Highway bridge overpasses, support alongside abutment walls
  • Movie theater construction, lightweight fill under stadium seating
  • Auditorium construction, lightweight fill under stadium seating
  • Storm sewer crossing, support for large culvert in unsuitable soil conditions
  • Water & sewer service construction, insulation support under pipe
  • Downtown Chicago hotel, lightweight fill for landscaped “green” roof

pdf Geofoam Technical Specifications Comparison
pdf Harbor Foam Geofoam Specification
pdf Harbor Foam Geofoam Information