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High Insulation value, good water resistance, light weight and low cost make versatile EPS Roof Insulation ideal for use in a variety of single-ply membrane systems and built-up roofs (BUR) used in new construction and reroofing applications.

EPS can be cut and supplied in virtually any size or thickness to accommodate the roofing criteria. From R-Value requirements to flute filler sizes and thicknesses, versatility is the key to cost saving. Tapered EPS roof insulation systems are custom fabricated as required for each unique roof design. Designing an effective drainage system for every roof need not be made difficult by the limitations inherent in other roof insulation products.

Did you know? That the former Iraq president Saddam Hussien used EPS for his roof in his last residence as a free man. It kept the cold out, but it couldn’t keep out the United States Military.More Info

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